Larva 1-3 bundle 2015

Larva High School is aimed at teenagers 13+.

The series is fictional but inspired by the young people we work with as teen and family coaches. The books provides the reader with a large number of strategies we use in our one-on-one coaching sessions with young clients. By writing the Larva High School series, we hope to reach and inspire even more amazing young people… and their parents!

Larva 1 2015

Larva High School 1 – Sensibility & Strength

How do you go back to school after your life collapses at your very first party?
For freshman Sara, going back to school means facing her boyfriend Ben, who made out with another girl at the party, and her best friend Amber, a.k.a the-girl-Ben-made-out-with.

How do you pick up the pieces when the people you trusted the most betrayed you?

Do you stand by and watch others tyrannize and bully your former best friend for what she did to you? And who’s to blame if she decides to kill herself?
Not to mention – could it really be possible that in the middle of all this pain and confusion – you can find love?

“Wow! In all honesty I loved the book! It was all around phenomenal! The passion between Joshua and Sara was truly entertaining. I can’t wait to read the other books! The book was awesome! I loved it, and I couldn’t put it down! :)” – Renee, 14

“It was amazing! It really had me hooked, character development was amazing, it had a great pace and never got boring. When I was done I was left wanting more.” – Cody, 18

Larva 2 2015

Larva High School 2 – Expectations & Endurance

“Sara felt sick to her stomach and ran into her bathroom, thinking she was going to throw up. She felt disgusted at the thought of Laura touching Joshua, and her imagination wouldn’t stop showing her images of Joshua and Laura making out…”

What would you do if you realized that you were holding back the one you love? How high a price would you pay to keep up appearances? And who do you rely on when your parents just don’t get it?

These are questions you will face in this second part of the Larva High School series.

“Even better than the first part. You can’t help getting sucked into the world of Sara, Josh, Amber, Ben, Laura, Jack and the Queenies as their friendships and relationships are tested while dealing with school, parents, ambitions and each other.“ – Lana

“OMG, I haven’t been this hooked since 50 Shades of grey, I even brought my phone with me to the restroom, just so I could keep reading!” – Sara

“A rare pearl! Not often do you come across a book of this caliber, that makes all your daily worries and the sense of time disappear.” – Rasmus


Larva 3 2015


Larva High School 3 – Influence & Independence

Part of Jack wanted to turn around and walk away. Avoid the confrontation. Avoid the pain. Another part was screaming that he needed to stay and fight.
Finally the testosterone in his body took over. Elizabeth was his girl, and no pretty boy was going to take her away from him. He stomped into the restaurant ready for a confrontation.
Things are heating up for our friends in this last part of the Larva High School series. The record company is confronting Joshua with a dilemma that could potentially cost him his relationship with Sara.

Money, fame, and glamour will corrupt most people – the question is: can Sara and Josh grow together or will they grow apart?
If you enjoyed the first two books of the series then you will love this last part. It will take quite a few surprising twists, not least for Jack, who is horrified to find out that Elizabeth is moving abroad to study and to live with another guy.

“Larva High School gives you an honest look into teen life and is one of those rare books that make you cry, laugh, and wish that you were part of the story.” – Sarah

“On the east side of Seattle, a group of teenagers deal with parents, school, friends, bullying and romance. In a highly entertaining manner, this book portrays typical teen life situations and leaves you with insights and solutions. It has a fast pace, and its short chapters make it easy to read, but be warned… once you start, you will have a hard time putting it down, and when you are done, you will want to continue with the next book in the series.”
– Lisa, 17

“After reading this series, I could hear myself quote it over and over again. All my friends think I’m super smart now, and I guess I am…” – Anya




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