From Victim To Winner – Stop The Bullying Of Your Child Now!

How To Stop Bullying, and Protect Your Child!

If your child is being bullied you MUST take action now!

On-line program for concerned and loving parents with children aged 6 – 18.
This program is available in English and in Danish.

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You want to:


    • Learn how to change your child’s mindset from a VICTIM to a WINNER!
    • Learn how to grow a healthy and emotionally strong child.
    • Stop the bullying of your child.
    • Give great advice to your child, but are uncertain about what to say.
    • Learn simple strategies that your child can use to outsmart the bullies!
    • Learn the 100% successful game strategy!
    • Know how to empower your child to stand up to the bully!
    • Get the number one kick ass strategy to overcome bullying!
    • Learn and still have flexibility.
    • Try a new approach.
    • Get case studies and learn how other parents successfully helped their child overcome bullying!
    • Know how your complicated situation – can be turned around by a simple solution!

With this product, you can listen to the modules whenever you want, and as many times as you want. You set the time and pace! And it is yours forever.


“This have been a total turn point for us and our daughter. We are blown away by the transformation this program has created, and we now know where to turn to if we later on are facing challenges that we need help for. We can’t thank you enough!” 
– Ellen and Paul, Parents of daughter age 10.


How does it work?

You receive a personal log-in to our member site with access to the program “From Victim To Winner – A New Approach To Bullying!”

It is a 4 weeks program. Each week you will find a mix of audios and power points teaching you everything you need to know.

For each week you will have some work to do before continuing with next week’s content. The purpose of the assignments is to let you reflect and convert what you have learned, into your own home environment and way of doing things, as well as working with your child. It takes very little time but has very great value!


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Below is a short description of the four weeks.


Week 1: Positioning yourself as your child’s trusted advisor.
In the first week we teach you how to position yourself as your child’s trusted advisor. Because let’s face it. Even with all the best strategies in the world you will have no influence and no chance of supporting your child in overcoming bullying, if your child doesn’t trust you enough to be honest with you.

Week 2: Become a master communicator.
In the second week we teach you to be a master communicator so will you know exactly what to say and do, no matter the symptoms your child is showing – would it be anger, depression, loneliness, self-harm or suicidal thoughts.
You will become an expert in the psychology of bullying which will help you come up with the right strategies for your child.

Week 3: Real life cases.
In the third week you will be studying case studies where we take you behind the curtain and give you real-life examples of how families solved problems with cyber bullying, teacher bullying, sibling bullying, physical beatings and more. These stories are all shared with permission from our clients of-course.

Week 4: Creating and maintaining a balanced life.
In the fourth week, we are helping you implement all the strategies to secure a happy and balanced kid for life. The outcome of this program is to strengthen your relationship between you and your child, so that you become his or her trusted adviser.
With that influence and our bag of strategies, you will be able to create a mindset change in your child. When that happens you are going to have a happy and thriving kid again and you can enjoy a relationship with your child, build on mutual trust and respect, forever.


Most Frequently Asked Questions.


FAQ #1: Can I share the program with others? You can share the program with your co-parent. Your log-in is personal and cannot be shared with friends and other family members.

FAQ #2: How much homework is there between the weeks? You won’t be asked to write hour-long reports. It’s more about asking you questions to reflect on your specific situation.

FAQ #3: How long will I have access to the program online? There is no limit. Once you buy the program, it’s yours to keep forever and you can access it whenever you want to.

FAQ #4: I’m not sure an online program will do. I’m very worried about my child and need immediate support. Contact Mia and Stine directly at Office@MindblowingTransformation.com
If you have any questions, please contact Mia and Stine via email:



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