Complicated TEEN Parenting Made Simple – A New Approach!


On-line program for concerned and loving MOMS.


Perfect for you as a mom if:


  • You want to give great advice to your teen, but are uncertain about what to say.
  • You see other parents connected with their teen and you wonder what their secret is.
  • You want to quickly update your parenting skills, as your old routines are not working anymore.
  • You are busy and like flexibility.

With this product, you can listen to the modules whenever you want to and as many times as you want to. You set the time and pace!



“I found a way to break through to my daughter, who had completely shut me out. We are talking again and I know it’s because of the parenting advice I got from this program. Thank you Mia and Stine!” – Sandy, Mom of daughter age 17.


Is this program for me?


Yes, if you are a teen mom who is:

  • Deeply concerned
  • Want to take part in your teens life and future
  • Brave enough to admit you are not perfect
  • Ready to try a new approach
  • Take responsibility for your own success


How does it work?


You receive a personal log-in to our member site with access to the program “Complicated Teen Parenting Made Simple – A New Approach!” (To be released in: March)

It is a 6 weeks program. Each week you will find a mix of audios, webinars, and power points with Mia and Stine as well as interviews with Subject Matter Experts.

Every week Mia and Stine will host a 60 minutes group LIVE Q&A; A session where you can ask your specific questions and get live coaching.

If you are not from an English-speaking country and feel uncomfortable speaking English on the call, don’t worry. You are not alone!

Stine and Mia attract many international teen families and completely understand and respect, that it can be difficult to discuss emotional issues in a second language. Just send in your question prior to the Q&A; and they will try to answer it. You can write your question in English or Danish.

Often the greatest realizations come from listening to other moms with challenges similar to yours. If you are not able to make the live Q&A calls, don’t worry; you will receive a recording.


For each week you will have some work to do before continuing with next week’s content. The purpose of the assignments is to let you reflect and to convert what you have learned, into your own home environment and way of doing things. It takes very little time but has very great value!



Below is a short description of the six weeks.


Week 1: Your parenting mindset.

In this first week you’ll get a complete manuscript on how to empower your teen to face bullies and other challenging people in ONE conversation. You will learn how to position yourself as your teens trusted advisor, and to know the difference between normal teen behavior and troubled teen behaviour.


Week 2: Become a master teen communicator.

In the second week we’ll be discussing different parenting styles and how they each affect teens. You will get clear on the difference between a consequence and a punishment, and you will learn how to be a master communicator no matter if your teen is angry, sad, indifferent or just want to constantly challenge your NO.


Week 3: What’s going on on the inside?

This week will help you understand what is going on inside your teen’s brain, heart, and mind. We will explain to you in simple terms the complicated changes happening in your teens brain and how it affects her. You will get the motivation you need to resist future verbal fights with your teen , and we will also let you in on what teens wish their parents understood. Find out: – What a teen and a toddler have in common. How your teen’s brain changes and why it affects your world too. – Why your focus is SO important. – How it’s possible to change an unmotivated and lazy teen into a passionate and dedicated teen.


Week 4: How to safely raise a teen rebel.

Week four we are teaching you how to safely raise a teen rebel. You will meet Officer Sara – who has been in the police force for more than 22 years specializing in youth problems. Sara will share her experiences and together we will discuss ways to navigate as a parent, when your teen is involved in destructive behavior.
This week you will also get the answer to why some teens lie, steal or speed and what you can do to avoid it.


Week 5: Sex, drugs and Rock’n Roll.

Week five will be full of sex, drugs and Rock’n Roll. We will break the taboos and prepare you for talks with your teen on subjects like sex, drugs and suicide. You may think this does not apply to you or your teen. But be aware that most parents are in complete denial about what’s really going on in their teens life or what is to come. For instance 87% of High School students admit using drugs to cope with academic pressure but only 7% of parents believe this to be true about their child.


Week 6: Physical balance and coping with stress.

In the 6th week we will share what you can do to make sure your teen is in physical balance and give you examples of constructive ways of coping with stress and pressure.


LIVE Q&A sessions.


Every week you will get a chance to ask your personal questions and receive personal coaching.

Join the Q&A session via phone or computer (Skype is free), where Mia and Stine will discuss parenting, and give you support. If the timing of the session is not working for you, just send in your question and they will try to answer it. Everyone will have access to a recorded version of the Q&A. Mia and Stine will answer as many questions as possible.



Most Frequently Asked Questions.


FAQ #1: Can I share the program with others? You can share the program with your co-parent. Your log-in is personal and cannot be shared with friends and other family members. (But be aware that this programme is developed especially for women.)


FAQ #2: How much homework is there between the sessions? You won’t be asked to write hour-long reports, if that’s your fear. It’s more about asking you questions to reflect on your specific situation.


FAQ #3: How does the weekly Q&A call work? If I get live coaching, can others hear it too? Yes, and you can hear them being coached as well. It’s a great way of learning from each other and you will be surprised how similar your challenges are. If you don’t feel comfortable talking on the phone, just send in your question in English or Danish and Mia and Stine will try to answer it on the following call. All talk on the Q&A will be in English.


FAQ #4: How long will I have access to the program online? There is no limit. Once you buy the program, it’s yours to keep forever and you can access it whenever you want to.


FAQ #5: I’m not sure an online program will do. I’m very worried about my teen and need immediate support. Contact Mia and Stine directly at


If you have any questions, please contact Mia and Stine via email: