​Every child faces different challenges. Pain is showing in a lot of different ways. No matter if your child is experiencing anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, cutting, anger issues, eating disorders, drug abuse or bullying we can help!
These problems are merely symptoms to an underlying root cause, that we will uncover and heal during the coaching.
The positive results of the coaching will not only affect your child/teenager, but also you and your family.

When working with young people very often a package of 5 or 10 coaching sessions is enough to ensure long lasting results.
“I felt terrible. I was experiencing anxiety. I was afraid of loosing people that I’m close to and I was afraid of dying myself. Nightmares would wake me up very often and I had a hard time going to sleep. My parents divorce made me really sad and I worried a lot about all four of us.
I had respiratory challenges on a daily basis and it got worse when I got really sad and upset.
The girls at school had some conflicts going on and it was awful.
Now I feel so much better. Rarely think my stupid thoughts and it feels great. My life is much better, and I sleep heavily without nightmares when I do my exercises. My Mother and I have both noticed that my breathing has improved.
The conflict between the girls is resolved and I have found out that I should just be myself and trust that it’s the best. In fact, some people now come to me for help as they trust me. I keep getting new good friends.
You’ve been a great help Stine. I feel so much better than when we started. You are nice to talk to, you are comforting to talk to, and you’re good at putting yourself In my shoes.

I will definitely recommend you to others!
The best part is that you have helped me so much. I am so grateful!”– Julie, 14

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